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The dogs were old and sick

And? Is it ok to slaugther them because they were old and sick? I guess that would make the whole thing humane, right? The veterinarian refused to euthanize the dogs because they were healthy. Huh? So were these dogs old, … Continue reading

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Society has failed man’s best friend

The recent news on dog slaughter in Whistler is a horrific tale of one sick man, 2 greedy companies and several authorities that knew about it and did nothing. In the last several days I woke up every day feeling … Continue reading

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Animal Welfare in Canada

Since this horrific news about the sled dogs, you have probably read the report by IFAW – which was written in 2008! Since then nothing has changed! Now why is that? Why is this country – apparently a well developed, civilized … Continue reading

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The WIIFM syndrome

I’m sure you are familiar with the WIIFM syndrome. What’s In It For Me? In our society people will change only if it benefits them. Not exatcly a smart behaviour of a species with a highly evolved brain. If I … Continue reading

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