Really Wild Gifts

Christmas is coming. And you are thinking what present to buy. I say don’t buy any present. Be unique this holiday season.

Send a postcard instead and with that you will give a really unique gift to a special creature who truly deserves it.

In the 21st century we are still fighting to stop cruelty to animals. Perhaps it is time to take this more seriously. Especially if we want our children to have a future.

With your unique gift you will help to:

  • buy veterinary medicine,
  • neuter a cat,
  • vaccinate a dog,
  • raise awareness,
  • lobby government and demand better conditions for farm animals,
  • educate consumers,
  • care for a bear,
  • prevent bear baiting,
  • buy veterinary tools
  • train a teacher who will educate others

Gina bear - Copyright - AMP

If these are not gifts then I don’t know what is. At a time when creatures big and small are dying out at alarming numbers we have only 2 options.

1. We can stand by and do nothing in which case our children will have no future. Animals are part of us and if they go we go.

2. We can start thinking differently and put our action and money to where it will really make a difference. That would be the intelligent choice and the humane one as well. We owe this much to those whose habitat we mindlessly destroy.

The World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) is offering you the chance to be unique this Christmas through their Really Wild Gifts card. Choose your cause and go for it!


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