When we fail …

… to protect those who cannot speak for themselves, we also fail to grow as a society and become a morally and ethically progressive nation.

When society fails to bring in effective measures against animal cruelty that should be a red flag for all of us! That should tell us that something is fundamentally wrong and it must be changed!

The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated. – Gandhi.

Capitalism, socialism or communism. It doesn’t matter. If it is without morals and ethics then it is simply our fault. We have created this kind of society and we must fix it.

Send a letter to your MLA or MP and tell them you want the animal cruelty law to be changed now! Download this excel file. It contains all current government officials names and email addresses.

You can also download this petition, have your friends, colleagues, family sing it and send it to the following address:

The Honourable Marlene Jennings
La Promenade Building,
Suite 1020
House of Commons
Ottawa ON K1A 0A6

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Animal Welfare in Canada

Since this horrific news about the sled dogs, you have probably read the report by IFAW – which was written in 2008! Since then nothing has changed! Now why is that?

Why is this country – apparently a well developed, civilized society – has not changed its animal welfare law since 1892! Do we have an inept government here or organizations and citizens with no compassion? What is the problem? Why have we failed to protect those for over 100 years now who cannot speak for themselves?

Canada is the only country which defines animal cruelty provisions as violations of property. Animals are living, feeling beings and must be treated as we would like to be treated by them if they were in our dominant position.

What happened in Canada in April 2010 is despicable! It has sent the message to the world that we, the people living in this country, don’t care. We have failed men’s best friend.

And with that we have failed many other creatures in this country. It virtually goes unnoticed. As long as average Joe can buy a cheap burger this is a great country, right?

But did average Joe ever ask – wait a minute, where does this meat come from?

Sadly, very few think about food this way. There are millions of farm animals living under horrific conditions and die inhumanly. Many workers know about it but so far none has refused to work under these circumstances. Do you ever wonder then why someone can just kill 100 dogs because he was told to do so?

If we can’t expect, demand and actually make people run an ethically and morally sound business then we have a major problem.  Major, major problem. Apparently, ethic and moral have no place in business, right?


Any society going down this road will eventually fail. If you walk with an open eye and awareness, failing can be seen in this country already. Our democracy is diminishing through:

  • cutbacks in education
  • cutbacks in healthcare
  • criminal laws that only protect the criminals
  • virtually no protection for animals
  • poor environmental standards and
  • poor environmental protection
  • government that is corrupt on every level and
  • corrupt politicians who think they don’t have to be accountable whatsoever
  • shifting costs from business to tax payers
  • giving businesses huge tax cuts while an average family struggles day to day
  • and citizens who don’t stand up for anything and demand change

Write letters to your representative in parliament. Demand change! And if they won’t hear us then they must see us. We must protest, and peacefully so, in thousands and demand change.

Democracy is not free. So we must learn to ask some serious questions to live in a democratic society:

  • What power have you got?
  • Where did you get it from?
  • In whose interests do you exercise it?
  • To whom are you accountable?
  • How can we get rid of you?

Only democracy gives us that right. That is why no-one with power likes democracy.  And that is why every generation must struggle to win it and keep it – including you and me, here and now.

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Real Estate – environmental cancer

Wikipedia describes the term ‘real estate’ as follows:

“Real estate is a legal term (in some jurisdictions, such as the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, USA and The Bahamas) that encompasses land along with improvements to the land, such as buildings, fences, wells and other site improvements that are fixed in location—immovable. Real estate law is the body of regulations and legal codes which pertain to such matters under a particular jurisdiction and include things such as commercial and residential real property transactions.”

Did you notice the word ‘improvement to the land’ ? So what constitutes as ‘improvement’?

Does cutting down trees, clearing the land, destroying other creatures habitat counts as improvement?

For many real estate brokers it does. Money, money, money. Their only agenda is making money, and lots of it. A good example is that famous, bad hair guy Trump. He doesn’t give a damn about the environment. To him ‘environment’ equals land to sell. And unfortunately there are many like him. They are the cancer of this society and the destroyers of the environment.

Most buyers don’t think about the land, and how it was before a house was built on it. Do you?

Don’t get me wrong – real estate can be good and it is necessary in our world – if  it is combined with common sense.

But what real estate is today in many developers mind is money.

Greed and money is what destroys this planet and takes away important areas from our species who have soon nowhere to go to live.

Oh, yes, if they are lucky and don’t go extinct, they will be in your backyard and you will be running screaming that a bear, wolf, coyote, racoon etc. is eating your precious property.

Well, wait a minute. It isn’t yours! You may have bought the property but that gives you no right to destroy another beings existence!

Our way of thinking needs to change! When we develop land for our own use we need to start incorporating the fact that others may occupy that land already. How are we affecting them? Can we coexist? Sure we can – with a different attitude and humility that based on the fact that we aren’t the only species on this planet.

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Architectural ignorance

Our natural world is full of architectural marvel and beauty. We could learn a great deal from Mother nature. Instead, we try to reshape cities and living quarters into our morbid views and ideas.

One has to go just as far as any metropolitan city in North America. What do you see? Skyscrapers – one after the other. It became a competition – who can build higher structures?

To me this is totally idiotic. Cities, that are surrounded by natural beauty closed themselves off with tall buildings and thus the view is only available to a select few – and an eye sore for the majority.

What is even more idiotic is that some buildings that actually took a great deal of view away from the citizens is getting an award! For what? Do people really call this an award winning design?

Let’s look at the Vancouver Convention Centre (right) – a mass of cement and steel blocking the view from visitors to the harbour. Imagine that in the place of the building you see on this picture there was an open area before. You came from downtown and could see the mountains from a distance. Now you don’t. If the area is open – in other words there is no event – you maybe able to walk on the tiny sidewalk in front of the building – but you have to go around the building to access that.

What you see is a jail like view – if you are inside the building. And quite frankly – who wants to go inside of this monster?

Do you like this view? I don’t.

I don’t even understand what is so great about this?

I also have a hard time to understand why designers are unable to blend Mother nature into the architecture? It has been done in Europe for many years now. I have seen numerous bad designs here that is nothing but an eye sore.

Another great example of architectural ignorance is these rows of houses in Steveston. What is so bad about it you ask? (click to view larger image)

For starters, do you notice that there is only one window on the house facing west? Windows facing east get the crowded street view. And windows facing south get the view of the house in front of them. I prefer to see nature as oppose to my neighbour’s yard. Wouldn’t you?

What an ignorance! Instead of filling the room with sunshine and energy the designer blocked it off. Well, at least the walls could have been used to collect sunshine and convert it into energy. But no. That would be too logical and economical.

What is even more ignorant is the view that people could have enjoyed with their west-north facing windows! The coastal mountains and the ocean! 280 degree view of nature! (click to view larger image)

So wouldn’t you prefer to look at this? Obviously the buyers of these houses didn’t consider what they had missed. They were just as ignorant to natural beauty as was the designer of these houses.

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Energy hungry World

It is interesting how people unable to connect the dots and see the bigger picture. Everyone thinks that if we have clean energy from solar or wind then we are saved and global warming will be reversed. They think that the key to reduce dependence on oil is to build nuclear power plants.

Oh, p-l-e-a-s-e-   we can’t even control an oil leak in the ocean. How are we going to deal with nuclear waste?

Well, how about REDUCING consumption? Do you really think that nuclear power, solar and wind power will solve the problem? It won’t! The problem will be the same – over consumption – only the source will be different.

Dah…people! stop sitting on your brain – if you got one then use it!

Very few Canadian knows that for example BC is planning to export resources to China. Well China is an energy hungry country. And by good old dumb way of thinking – they think in oil. They don’t think in reduction of consumption, or use clean power source – like solar cells or wind.  This would be an excellent time to think about it and how they could meet their energy needs in a better way than other countries currently do.

But, Canadian oil and mine companies are greedy and they want the profit and therefore they are ready to sell the country. Let’s export wood, oil and other resources to energy hungry China.

The problem I see is not the export but the mismanagement of resources. It is very prevalent in our forests. This year – in 2010- the government is cutting back and 40% less trees are planted back to the soil.

Since 2001 there has been reduction of personnel overseeing the forestry, overseeing inventory and just generally examining the current health of the BC forests. Greed and greed what is currently characterizes the Ministry of Forestry.

So what do you do? Start educating yourself and keep an eye on what is happening in the province.

Do you want to leave this to your children or… ?

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The future of BC’s forests

It is not common knowledge of the average city dweller nor do they really care. The forests of BC are changing and not in the right direction.  There is pressure from industry to use the forests for their own purpose – profit – and not involving any public debate or informing the public about their plan. The land belongs to the people and as such it is a decision of all of us how we are going to manage it.

Further destruction of the land will lead to economic degradation. So the Forest industry that is pushing for short term gain is really undermining children’s future and the possibility of living in a balanced eco system.

You can read further information on this topic at Focusonline.ca

Educate yourself as this is the only way to preserve what we can for the future generation.

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Our future – 3 possible outcomes

Tim Flannery’s book – Weather Makers sends a serious message to humanity – at least to those who care to read it.  In his book he talks about Paul Crutzen who received a Nobel prize for his work on eliminating CFCs from the ozone.  With the climate change debate Crutzen is yet again thinking far ahead than most politicians, law makers and the general public do.

Here is his vision on 3 possible outcomes of the great game of climate modification that humanity is engaged in.

1. Our response to limiting emissions is too slow or unco-ordinated to avert great climate shifts, which destroy Earth’s life support systems and destabilize our global civilization. As a result humans are thrust into a protracted Dark Ages far more mordant than any that has gone before, for the most destructive weapons ever devised will still exist, while the means to regulate their use, and to make peace, will have been swept away. These changes could commence as soon as 2050.

2. Humanity acts promptly – on individual, national and corporate levels – to reduce emissions, and so avoids serious climatic consequences. Based on current trends, we will need to have commenced significant decarbonising of our electricity grids by around 2030, and to have substantially decarbonised transport systems by 2050. If we are successful, by 2150 or thereabouts greenhouse gas levels will have dropped to the point where Gaia can once again control Earth’s thermostat.

3. Emissions are reduced sufficiently to avoid outright disaster, but serious damage to Earth’s ecosystems results. With world climate on a knife-edge, Crutzen’s vision of internationally agreed geo-engineering projects becomes mandatory.  Civilizations will hover on the brink for decades or centuries, during which period the carbon cycle will need to be strictly controlled, by large and small geo-engineering projects alike.

I don’t know about you but scenario #2 seems to be the intelligent and responsible approach. It is not happening and in Canada it is not even in plans as the current government doesn’t give a damn about anything but themselves. Their plans – if any – is way too slow and by the time implemented (good luck) it will be too late.

At the current time – I can only see scenario #1 to be the sad possibility as society in general hasn’t grown up yet to do what is right.

When people change the world will change. It is simple as that. So what are you willing to change?

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