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Debt crisis solution

Here is my debt crisis solution. Break the banks, send the bastards to jail and start all over. If everyone would take all their money out of the bank what would happen? So, my solution is that everyone who is … Continue reading

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Your unique gift

Many people are thinking of a unique gift they can give to someone special this Christmas season. I have a solution for you! Give a Really Wild Gifts to someone who will definitely will appreciate it by a wild tail … Continue reading

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Why I don’t support …

… organizations fighting against diseases i.e. cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer etc. etc. And my reason is …. Cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer, rheumatism etc. are all men-made diseases. We created them with our unhealthy lifestyles, with all the chemicals we put into our … Continue reading

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Year of Forests

2011 is the International Year of Forests. What does this mean? Are we going to cut fewer trees this year? That would be nice. Are we going to fine companies this year that cut more trees than they replace? Are … Continue reading

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How the West was sold

Or should I say, how (and why) the West was outsourced. They say ignorance is a bliss. I start to feel that this statement is really true as it projects a peaceful life with no worries and annoyances. (watch the … Continue reading

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The dogs were old and sick

And? Is it ok to slaugther them because they were old and sick? I guess that would make the whole thing humane, right? The veterinarian refused to euthanize the dogs because they were healthy. Huh? So were these dogs old, … Continue reading

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Society has failed man’s best friend

The recent news on dog slaughter in Whistler is a horrific tale of one sick man, 2 greedy companies and several authorities that knew about it and did nothing. In the last several days I woke up every day feeling … Continue reading

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