Debt crisis solution

Here is my debt crisis solution. Break the banks, send the bastards to jail and start all over.

If everyone would take all their money out of the bank what would happen? So, my solution is that everyone who is with a bank – not a credit union – should take all their money out. From now on we operate on cash.

Then declare bankruptcy on all the money we owe. Sorry, we can’t pay. We bailed out banks several times and they still haven’t learned their lesson.

I say it is time to teach them a lesson. Inequality among people is growing and it has a detrimental effect on society. You can learn more about that here.

The current debt crisis in North America, Europe and all over the World is the direct result of banks’ reckless money handling, or should I say money laundering. No monetary help will fix this problem.

It is like giving money to a gambler. Do you think he will save it? Gamblers and banks seem to have no limits. A gambler destroys his life and his family’s life. A bank that gambles with people’s money will destroy an entire society and the future.

This simply should not be allowed and it is up to people to choose their bank wisely. By finding a credit union you will bring the money back to where you live and invest into the community. You choose your board and can get involved with the community. This makes more sense to me than to support some ego inflated psychopathic bank CEO so that he can make $100,000 more for slandering your money.

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  1. Hello Forests Of Hope,
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    Nice One!
    In America: governments, businesses, individuals are now buried under a mountain of debt. A mountain of debt that will never be repaid.

    Who will borrow when they can’t make the payments on the debt that they have already? The math alone calls for a system reset, a debt jubilee.

    Investors are already losing… in a rigged monetary casino that rewards usury, speculation, and currency manipulation while looting main street.

    There is a moral principle that debts should be honored. That is, debts between businesses that buy and sell real products, not bundled ponzi schemes, debts between individuals, between friends and businesses that know each other to be rational and moral, debts based on investments where there is a rational expectation of return.

    There is also a moral principle that unjust debts should be cancelled, and usury legislated against. Debts that are ‘odious’, debts based on fraud, debts to dictators, debts arranged by oligarchs without the consent of the general population (the 99 percent who have been left out of the equation), debts based upon compound interest upon compound interest, that should have been written off long ago, the debts need to be cancelled in a general jubilee. Think outside the box. It’s time for a jubilee.

    • Thank you for your comment. So ture what you say. I don’t think we can find a person who would not agree with us. This has become a major issue for people all over the World.

      In my mind the solution is very simple. Don’t bank with big banks. They are there for the profit for themselves and not for those who put their money into their trust.

      In my opinion small credit unions are the solution – they are where the community is. People get together, pool their money and invest into their community. Choose their board and keep it accountable. They serve you not you serve them as it is with big banks these days.

      A network of hundreds of credit unions accross communities, cities, countries is what could make the difference – it is people helping people.

      And also, people have to start to live within their budget. Stretch as far as your blanket will cover you. Many people are drowning in consumer debts which they brought upon themselves of course. So it is also a choice. Sometimes a hard one but if you think about not giving your money in paid back interest to the fat guy then it is the easy choice.

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