Your unique gift

Many people are thinking of a unique gift they can give to someone special this Christmas season. I have a solution for you! Give a Really Wild Gifts to someone who will definitely will appreciate it by a wild tail wag or a passionate purr.

Disaster relief Mission-Jamaica, Copyright-Lou Bopp

Disaster relief Mission-Jamaica, Copyright-Lou Bopp

Many of us care for a furry creature either by donating to a worthy organization, volunteering or just looking after that spoiled dog or cat at home.

I see pet shops stacking up for Christmas with tons of gifts so we can spend more money on a silly looking coat the dog really doesn’t need or buy more treats for that purring couch potato who only listens to you when he feels like it.

Well, this Christmas has to be different. More and more people are waking up and realizing that  we need to take actions if we want to provide a future to our children. And that means a different type of thinking. The World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) has done just that through their Really Wild Gifts idea that I whole heartedly support.

WSPA is a global animal welfare charity organization and has been promoting animal welfare programs to end cruelty through field work, campaigning and humane education.

When you send a gift card to someone in your family, friends you are really sending the best gift you could ever give to a furry creature who will have a chance for a more dignified life. Because we all deserve that.

The cruelty and suffering humans cause to animals, wild and domesticated, is inexcusable and unforgivable. Sometimes I think we don’t even deserve the name ‘human’.

Animals are part of the web of life. We have moral, ethical and humane obligation to help them and protect them. Without them we simply would not exist.

I hope you will give someone a Really Wild Gifts this Christmas. I know I will.

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