The dogs were old and sick

And? Is it ok to slaugther them because they were old and sick? I guess that would make the whole thing humane, right?

The veterinarian refused to euthanize the dogs because they were healthy.

Huh? So were these dogs old, sick, or healthy? 

Who is telling a lie? The company.

The veterinarian has no interest in getting rid of the dogs. They don’t cost him anything. He only makes money here. But he refuses to do it.

So how much it is to keep these dogs? If the company had 300 dogs that is a huge expense when it comes to feeding.

Let’s say a dog eats $50 worth of food per month.

$50×300=$15,000 per month.  And that is just to feed the dogs. And since these animals basically athletes it is important to feed them good quality food that is not cheap.

Now what about the sick? A visit to the vet is at least $50.00. If 100 is sick for example, or just let’s say 50 of them are sick then it is $2,500 to just visit the vet. Aha. I see now. It is probably cheaper to slaughter them. (?)

So if I calculate this my formula would look like this:
100 dogs x $50 food per month = $5,000 dog food per month
50 of the 100 is sick $50 vet visit x 50 dogs =$2,500 vet bill
Total: a minimum of $7,500 to care for 100 dogs.

Do you get the picture and the lies? What is cheaper? To get rid of them or keep them and care for them as a decent, compassionate human would?

Now what about bringing money in? Whistler advertises their dog sledding for around $300. And there are also prices for $175.

To bring in $7,500 you need to have 25 runs per month (7,500/300=25 runs) or 42 runs ($7,500/175=~42 runs). Either way at least 2 runs are required per day to make that money because there are also employees who need to get paid, equipment to maintain, advertise etc.

Now if the season is slow because there is now snow … well … the business is screwed unless I planned for the rainy days. I very much doubt that the company did.

My unscientific mathematical calculation may not be correct but anyone with a little brain can see that it is not cheap to run a sled dog company.

It can easily be seen that this was about greed and nothing else. The rest is just horse manure that now the company – and those who need to cover their a*  – is trying to feed us with.

The dogs weren’t old and sick. They were just commodity, an overstock.

Vile and totally unacceptable.

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