Society has failed man’s best friend

The recent news on dog slaughter in Whistler is a horrific tale of one sick man, 2 greedy companies and several authorities that knew about it and did nothing.

In the last several days I woke up every day feeling sick to my stomach and thinking this might be just a nightmare. This isn’t true and I actually live in the 21st century in a civilized society.

Now I know that this is true and this did happen. What makes me sick is the unbelievable human ignorance that helped this whole event to take shape and eventually kill innocent animals that suffered greatly before they died.

Please think about the followings for a minute and draw your own conclusions:

  1. If the guy was ‘ordered’ to kill the dogs why he didn’t make noise? Contact the media, police, animal welfare groups?
  2. Why was Howling Dogs allowed to operate with 300 dogs? That is a huge number! Financially and otherwise! You must have at least 20 employees who do nothing but look after every animal. Did the company have that many employees? And if did what were their jobs?
  3. Why did Whistler Outdoor Adventures allowed Howling Dogs to operate a business in such conditions?
  4. When the veterinarian refused to euthanize healthy dogs didn’t the light bulb go on ‘Gee, something is wrong here’! Why didn’t the veterinarian ordered an inspection, alert the SPCA or confront the company?
  5. The distressed employee reported his case to the Workers’ Compensation Board. He described in detail what he did. Now if I’m the official who takes this report I would probably had grabbed the guy by the throat and slammed this idiot to the wall. But no, this official sit on the report for months. It didn’t even occur to him/her that this is animal cruelty to the highest level and must be investigated. This official is just as sick as the one who committed the act. WCB not just did nothing, they awarded money to this psychopath!
  6. If this is a case of sick and old dogs this is still not a humane way to put them to sleep. So the company’s statement is a horse *** and a big one indeed. Anyone who believes that should eat real horse *** for the rest of his life.
  7. Relating to #5 – if these animals were sick and old then why is the grave currently a secret? Then no one should worry if the authorities will take a look, right? They would find old dead dogs. The fact that this isn’t so is why the grave is a secret.
  8. Canada’s animal cruelty law is over 100 years old. No significant changes were made to it since 1892. One should not be surprised that there are 6,000 animal cruelty cases a year just in BC alone! That is an incredibly large number to a province with only 4.5 million people! No real punishment for hurting an animal. That is the society we live in today. Disgusting! The law allows it and things like these will happen as long as there is no real punishment to the perpetrator.

Society failed man’s best friend! They died because we do not demand tough laws and serious punishment for those who hurt them. We live in the 21st century with laws that served people 100 years ago.

I would like to think that within that 100 years we became more knowledgeable about many things but I must say that this isn’t so. We are still as ignorant about animals as we were 100 years ago. And if this tragedy will not propel us, unitedly, to get better life for our animal friends then we deserve to go to hell.

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2 Responses to Society has failed man’s best friend

  1. Edward Tsang says:

    I agree that their stories don’t add up. If Outdoor Adventures Whistler didn’t know as they claimed, with the owner as the sole director of Howling Dogs as I understand it, then they are totally incompetent even if you believe them. This action affected the life and death of more than 1/3 of their animal workers and the sole director claimed he didn’t know. If any company is going to fire 1/3 of its workers, then the directors better know about it. I thought directors can be sued for gross negligence. But I guessed the thinking is that it is better than being considered cruel and inhumane. Bad for business. Even if the dogs were old or sick, which I doubt, and it is supposed to be ok according to their logic, then why claimed WCB benefits? It is sickening.

    I have signed the WSPA petition for tougher animal cruelty law. The current so called “law” is outrageous. It is more a joke.

    • Edward,
      Thank you for your comment. You have a point here in regards to ‘gross negligence’. I don’t know how that works … but …it is reckless management with total negligence. And since we are talking about animals…. well, the current law doesn’t care nor effectively protect these creatures. Hence we need strong laws. Thank you for signing the petition.

      I would not be surprised to hear several different stories. All of course will be geared towards covering the path that lead here. Everyone who knew about this is responsible. Period.

      In my world they would all go to jail and all their properties would be confiscated. They would never be allowed to own even a fly.

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