Architectural ignorance

Our natural world is full of architectural marvel and beauty. We could learn a great deal from Mother nature. Instead, we try to reshape cities and living quarters into our morbid views and ideas.

One has to go just as far as any metropolitan city in North America. What do you see? Skyscrapers – one after the other. It became a competition – who can build higher structures?

To me this is totally idiotic. Cities, that are surrounded by natural beauty closed themselves off with tall buildings and thus the view is only available to a select few – and an eye sore for the majority.

What is even more idiotic is that some buildings that actually took a great deal of view away from the citizens is getting an award! For what? Do people really call this an award winning design?

Let’s look at the Vancouver Convention Centre (right) – a mass of cement and steel blocking the view from visitors to the harbour. Imagine that in the place of the building you see on this picture there was an open area before. You came from downtown and could see the mountains from a distance. Now you don’t. If the area is open – in other words there is no event – you maybe able to walk on the tiny sidewalk in front of the building – but you have to go around the building to access that.

What you see is a jail like view – if you are inside the building. And quite frankly – who wants to go inside of this monster?

Do you like this view? I don’t.

I don’t even understand what is so great about this?

I also have a hard time to understand why designers are unable to blend Mother nature into the architecture? It has been done in Europe for many years now. I have seen numerous bad designs here that is nothing but an eye sore.

Another great example of architectural ignorance is these rows of houses in Steveston. What is so bad about it you ask? (click to view larger image)

For starters, do you notice that there is only one window on the house facing west? Windows facing east get the crowded street view. And windows facing south get the view of the house in front of them. I prefer to see nature as oppose to my neighbour’s yard. Wouldn’t you?

What an ignorance! Instead of filling the room with sunshine and energy the designer blocked it off. Well, at least the walls could have been used to collect sunshine and convert it into energy. But no. That would be too logical and economical.

What is even more ignorant is the view that people could have enjoyed with their west-north facing windows! The coastal mountains and the ocean! 280 degree view of nature! (click to view larger image)

So wouldn’t you prefer to look at this? Obviously the buyers of these houses didn’t consider what they had missed. They were just as ignorant to natural beauty as was the designer of these houses.

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