Life without forests

Try to imagine your life without forests and trees. How does your imagined picture look like? My guess is it is probably pretty grey and boring.

Forests are our life lines. We must protect them!  Without forests I doubt you will ever be able to hear birds singing or be able to rest under the shade of a tree.

Forests are not only our life lines – they are an economical must. Early societies like the Mayans degraded and died out partly because they killed their trees and ‘suddenly’ it affected their agriculture. Well, of course it wasn’t sudden – it was a logical conclusion of greed and mismanagement.

Thousands of years later – we are on the same path. Nothing has changed – greed and mismanagement of our resources are still prevalent in our societies.

One would think that we have evolved and became smarter and more respectful towards living, non human things that sustain our lives. But sadly not much has changed.

I just wonder … when will we get it?

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