We need to change

“Throughout recorded history, actions or inactions by self-absorbed kings, chiefs, and politicians have been a regular cause of societal collapses, including those of the Maya kings, Greenland Norse chiefs and modern Rwandan politicians.”    From the book “Collapse” by Jared Diamond

History repeats itself in one form or the other. In my opinion that is very true and we are seeing this now from Kyoto to Coppenhagen and whatever will come after these global meetings of the world leaders to discuss global warming and the state of our only home.

What happened on these meetings? Nothing. Arguments and finger pointing. As it would really matter who needs to change more.

We all need to change!

And rich countries need to change the most! As rich countries use the most resources they need to cut back on all of their consumptions.

So far little has changed. People are reluctant to change. It is not convenient.

Laziness and indifference is our biggest enemy and at the end it will kill us. Or rather, we will kill ourselves. No one is doing this to us. We are doing this to ourselves but mostly to the future generation.

How will they feel when they see what you probably never imagined could happen? Maybe this video will help.

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