We must learn our lesson

Historians, sociologists and the curious has researched and still search the reasons today as to why the Mayan civilization has collapsed or disappeared? What happened?

Jared Diamond says in his book Collapse that past societies steep decline may begin only a decade or two after the society reaches its peak numbers, wealth and power. And the reason is really simple:

maximum population + wealth + resources consumption + waste production = maximum environmental impact.

When impact outstrips resources the only thing you are going to get is environmental destruction. Period.

Everywhere we step, we are changing our world before we even try to understand how it works.

We are destroying out rain forests before we even learned anything about its species, plants and ecosystems.

This is a dangerous experiment upon planet Earth and the one that can ultimately destroy one most species, our own.

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One Response to We must learn our lesson

  1. contoveros says:

    We could learn a lot from history. But, why haven’t we?

    michael j

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