Your unique gift

Many people are thinking of a unique gift they can give to someone special this Christmas season. I have a solution for you! Give a Really Wild Gifts to someone who will definitely will appreciate it by a wild tail wag or a passionate purr.

Disaster relief Mission-Jamaica, Copyright-Lou Bopp

Disaster relief Mission-Jamaica, Copyright-Lou Bopp

Many of us care for a furry creature either by donating to a worthy organization, volunteering or just looking after that spoiled dog or cat at home.

I see pet shops stacking up for Christmas with tons of gifts so we can spend more money on a silly looking coat the dog really doesn’t need or buy more treats for that purring couch potato who only listens to you when he feels like it.

Well, this Christmas has to be different. More and more people are waking up and realizing that  we need to take actions if we want to provide a future to our children. And that means a different type of thinking. The World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) has done just that through their Really Wild Gifts idea that I whole heartedly support.

WSPA is a global animal welfare charity organization and has been promoting animal welfare programs to end cruelty through field work, campaigning and humane education.

When you send a gift card to someone in your family, friends you are really sending the best gift you could ever give to a furry creature who will have a chance for a more dignified life. Because we all deserve that.

The cruelty and suffering humans cause to animals, wild and domesticated, is inexcusable and unforgivable. Sometimes I think we don’t even deserve the name ‘human’.

Animals are part of the web of life. We have moral, ethical and humane obligation to help them and protect them. Without them we simply would not exist.

I hope you will give someone a Really Wild Gifts this Christmas. I know I will.

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Debt crisis solution

Here is my debt crisis solution. Break the banks, send the bastards to jail and start all over.

If everyone would take all their money out of the bank what would happen? So, my solution is that everyone who is with a bank – not a credit union – should take all their money out. From now on we operate on cash.

Then declare bankruptcy on all the money we owe. Sorry, we can’t pay. We bailed out banks several times and they still haven’t learned their lesson.

I say it is time to teach them a lesson. Inequality among people is growing and it has a detrimental effect on society. You can learn more about that here.

The current debt crisis in North America, Europe and all over the World is the direct result of banks’ reckless money handling, or should I say money laundering. No monetary help will fix this problem.

It is like giving money to a gambler. Do you think he will save it? Gamblers and banks seem to have no limits. A gambler destroys his life and his family’s life. A bank that gambles with people’s money will destroy an entire society and the future.

This simply should not be allowed and it is up to people to choose their bank wisely. By finding a credit union you will bring the money back to where you live and invest into the community. You choose your board and can get involved with the community. This makes more sense to me than to support some ego inflated psychopathic bank CEO so that he can make $100,000 more for slandering your money.

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Why I don’t support …

… organizations fighting against diseases i.e. cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer etc. etc. And my reason is ….

Cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer, rheumatism etc. are all men-made diseases. We created them with our unhealthy lifestyles, with all the chemicals we put into our waters, soils and eventually into our bodies. There are over 100,000 – yes, hundred thousand – chemicals today in our environment that has never gone through testing. Therefore we don’t know how harmful they are to living systems.

Organizations that stand for a specific disease and collects money from people for support is a nice notion. But in my opinion it also makes people become victims. When you are a ‘victim of a disease’ you lost your power. And in power lies the seed for change, empowering ourselves and understanding that health is created by each individual and by the choices we make.

So do you ever wonder then why cancer rate is reaching epidemic proportions? Diabetes, Alzheimer, asthma, allergies, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson etc, are on the rise?

We live in unhealthy conditions which we created and it is foolish to think that giving money to charity will solve any problems. Albert Einstein said “You can’t solve a problem with the same mind that created it.” So true.

When people become aware and more responsible of their actions and start to change their lifestyles then we will have less health and environmental  problems. When people demand healthy work environment and hold corporations responsible who destroy livelihoods then things will change.  There is no easy pill for this folks.

In the pursuance of health creation, giving money to disease fighting charities is futile as only what it does is mask the problem further. Without actually going to the roots and start solving the problem there, no balance will be achieved and no health will be gained.

We need to gain back the balance within ourselves but mostly with Mother Nature.

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Year of Forests

2011 is the International Year of Forests.

What does this mean?

  • Are we going to cut fewer trees this year? That would be nice.
  • Are we going to fine companies this year that cut more trees than they replace?
  • Are we going to make sure that governments around the World will enforce sustainable forests management? Do people know what sustainable forest management means?
  • What does Year of Forests mean for BC? Can we get rid of the Liberal government – probably the most anti-environmental party ever ruled BC?
  • How many trees are we going to plant this year?
  • Can we make every citizen of this planet to plant a tree this year? That would be at least 6 billion trees!

I am just hoping that this isn’t going to be a year of the … fill in the blank. What happened in previous years during the Year of the …. ? Did we achieve anything? Can we make sure that we will achieve something this year?

Let me remind you of this:

If you want to plan 1 year ahead, sew seeds,
If you want to plan 10 years ahead, plant trees,
If you want to plan 100 years ahead, educate people.

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How the West was sold

Or should I say, how (and why) the West was outsourced.

They say ignorance is a bliss. I start to feel that this statement is really true as it projects a peaceful life with no worries and annoyances. (watch the video at the end).

The more you know and the more aware you become the harder it is to digest what is happening in our society.

I often shake my head and wish I would be ignorant just like the majority of people are.

On the other hand, I think we need people who are forward thinkers, question decisions and hold those accountable who use and abuse whatever and whoever they can. Unfortunately there aren’t many of these types around.

The West is being sold (or rather outsourced) right now, under our nose and we so far said nothing. We are too busy to entertain ourselves with HD TVs, iPhones, chat on Twitter and Facebook. And all the while CEOs and high level executives are stuffing their pockets and their bank accounts with money by laying off Canadians and outsourcing the business to a poor country where they can get away with paying next to nothing to people who speak a little English.

So this is, my friend, how the West was sold aka. outsourced. And by the time we realize it, it will be too late. Most of us have lost their jobs and will struggle to survive. Kiss good bye to your HD TV. But here is the good news … Philippines, India or whatever developing country we have outsourced the work will be strong enough now economically. So they will hire you to work for them if you speak their language. So better start learning.

Just for the record, I am not against sharing our business knowledge or economic wealth with poorer countries. We should help them and educate them so they can build a society that is intelligent, respectful and their highest goal is to provide everyone with the basics to live a healthy and happy life.

I am against greedy corporations, companies who lay off employees in this country so they can take that job outside while stuffing their pockets. That is criminal. And it happens because many of us say nothing. And that is also criminal.

More American Workers Outsourcing Own Jobs Overseas

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The dogs were old and sick

And? Is it ok to slaugther them because they were old and sick? I guess that would make the whole thing humane, right?

The veterinarian refused to euthanize the dogs because they were healthy.

Huh? So were these dogs old, sick, or healthy? 

Who is telling a lie? The company.

The veterinarian has no interest in getting rid of the dogs. They don’t cost him anything. He only makes money here. But he refuses to do it.

So how much it is to keep these dogs? If the company had 300 dogs that is a huge expense when it comes to feeding.

Let’s say a dog eats $50 worth of food per month.

$50×300=$15,000 per month.  And that is just to feed the dogs. And since these animals basically athletes it is important to feed them good quality food that is not cheap.

Now what about the sick? A visit to the vet is at least $50.00. If 100 is sick for example, or just let’s say 50 of them are sick then it is $2,500 to just visit the vet. Aha. I see now. It is probably cheaper to slaughter them. (?)

So if I calculate this my formula would look like this:
100 dogs x $50 food per month = $5,000 dog food per month
50 of the 100 is sick $50 vet visit x 50 dogs =$2,500 vet bill
Total: a minimum of $7,500 to care for 100 dogs.

Do you get the picture and the lies? What is cheaper? To get rid of them or keep them and care for them as a decent, compassionate human would?

Now what about bringing money in? Whistler advertises their dog sledding for around $300. And there are also prices for $175.

To bring in $7,500 you need to have 25 runs per month (7,500/300=25 runs) or 42 runs ($7,500/175=~42 runs). Either way at least 2 runs are required per day to make that money because there are also employees who need to get paid, equipment to maintain, advertise etc.

Now if the season is slow because there is now snow … well … the business is screwed unless I planned for the rainy days. I very much doubt that the company did.

My unscientific mathematical calculation may not be correct but anyone with a little brain can see that it is not cheap to run a sled dog company.

It can easily be seen that this was about greed and nothing else. The rest is just horse manure that now the company – and those who need to cover their a*  – is trying to feed us with.

The dogs weren’t old and sick. They were just commodity, an overstock.

Vile and totally unacceptable.

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Society has failed man’s best friend

The recent news on dog slaughter in Whistler is a horrific tale of one sick man, 2 greedy companies and several authorities that knew about it and did nothing.

In the last several days I woke up every day feeling sick to my stomach and thinking this might be just a nightmare. This isn’t true and I actually live in the 21st century in a civilized society.

Now I know that this is true and this did happen. What makes me sick is the unbelievable human ignorance that helped this whole event to take shape and eventually kill innocent animals that suffered greatly before they died.

Please think about the followings for a minute and draw your own conclusions:

  1. If the guy was ‘ordered’ to kill the dogs why he didn’t make noise? Contact the media, police, animal welfare groups?
  2. Why was Howling Dogs allowed to operate with 300 dogs? That is a huge number! Financially and otherwise! You must have at least 20 employees who do nothing but look after every animal. Did the company have that many employees? And if did what were their jobs?
  3. Why did Whistler Outdoor Adventures allowed Howling Dogs to operate a business in such conditions?
  4. When the veterinarian refused to euthanize healthy dogs didn’t the light bulb go on ‘Gee, something is wrong here’! Why didn’t the veterinarian ordered an inspection, alert the SPCA or confront the company?
  5. The distressed employee reported his case to the Workers’ Compensation Board. He described in detail what he did. Now if I’m the official who takes this report I would probably had grabbed the guy by the throat and slammed this idiot to the wall. But no, this official sit on the report for months. It didn’t even occur to him/her that this is animal cruelty to the highest level and must be investigated. This official is just as sick as the one who committed the act. WCB not just did nothing, they awarded money to this psychopath!
  6. If this is a case of sick and old dogs this is still not a humane way to put them to sleep. So the company’s statement is a horse *** and a big one indeed. Anyone who believes that should eat real horse *** for the rest of his life.
  7. Relating to #5 – if these animals were sick and old then why is the grave currently a secret? Then no one should worry if the authorities will take a look, right? They would find old dead dogs. The fact that this isn’t so is why the grave is a secret.
  8. Canada’s animal cruelty law is over 100 years old. No significant changes were made to it since 1892. One should not be surprised that there are 6,000 animal cruelty cases a year just in BC alone! That is an incredibly large number to a province with only 4.5 million people! No real punishment for hurting an animal. That is the society we live in today. Disgusting! The law allows it and things like these will happen as long as there is no real punishment to the perpetrator.

Society failed man’s best friend! They died because we do not demand tough laws and serious punishment for those who hurt them. We live in the 21st century with laws that served people 100 years ago.

I would like to think that within that 100 years we became more knowledgeable about many things but I must say that this isn’t so. We are still as ignorant about animals as we were 100 years ago. And if this tragedy will not propel us, unitedly, to get better life for our animal friends then we deserve to go to hell.

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